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About usThe Hills Sustainability group is made up of people living in the hills who are interested in environmental and sustainability issues. We have a mailing list of some 200 members and our goal is to encourage the community to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.  We are an apolitical organization that wishes to work with the community and the Shire of Mundaring. We are not interested in adversarial dialogue on issues. We believe a conciliatory approach based on trust and goodwill will better serve the community. 


Chair’s Report 2015 

 This year  has been a productive one for HSG with  a range of diverse events covering a range of issues from the preservation of our seed reserves: with the he movie “The Seed Hunter”, to  this month’s event on retrofitting  grey water  systems to existing homes. Highlights throughout the year included the “Sustainable Living Practices” book launch, the  visit to Steve’s mini farm and our very successful quiz night - all very well attended events

Many thanks to our loyal  HSG committee who make it all  happen and a special thanks to Ronnie Wood our Chairperson for her contribution to making the  year a successful one. Unfortunately Ronnie had to step down in the latter part of the year but her considerable contribution needs to be noted. Also my thanks to Larraine Deacon for her excellent work on the monthly newsletter which provides an important  public interface for the organisation. I’m pleased to say the same team are all back for 2016, so we can look forward to another productive and interesting  year.

It is time however for some reflection as HSG moves into its eighth year as things have changed and HSG needs to reassess its place in the  different environment in which it operates here in the hills. The original premise that HSG was founded upon  -the threat of climate change, is obviously still with us and urgent action is required more than ever  as the changes are now irrefutable and evidence is already  all around us that things are not right. Building bridges into the larger community rather than ‘preaching to the converted’  help  get the message across and working with like minded organisations on shared goals will make for a stronger more effective approach.

So I’m looking  forward to some vigorous debate with my fellow committee and a fruitful  exciting year ahead. Please feel free to join in and have your say, you would be most welcome.
HSG Events 2015

  • Feb: Movie theSeed Hunter
  • March:  Dr. Ross Mars’ Book launch “Sustainable Living Practices”
  • April: Visit Perth City Farm
  • May: Steve’s Mini farm -towards  sustainability and self sufficiency..
  • July: Quiz Night
  • August: Pandora’s Promise
  • September: Water audit workshop
  • October: AGM
  • November: Grey Water Retrofit

- Patrick Crichton -Chairperson


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